5 Best Places To Visit In Malvan

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    Malvan is the best tourist destination. These places are famous for beaches. Malava is also the best place to visit. Malvan is located near sindhudurg fort which is the best location. Malvan is the perfect spot to enjoy water activities. It’s famous for seafood delicacies, pristine beaches, Forts, and water sports (Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, and many more) Malvan is a small town in Maharashtra state. It is a very beautiful place. Beaches are the attraction of Malvan tourism. People enjoy water sports on Malvan beaches. There are many beaches in Malvan that are famous for water sports. You can do Scuba diving also, Scuba is one kind of water activity where you can see underwater marine life. it is a very unique experience if you want to try to do this activity so do it in Malvan. Malvani delicacies are just out of this world. Malvan—a little town with a long picturesque stretch of white sand beaches extending from Achara Beach in the north to Devbagh Beach in the south. Malvan, which is close to Pune, is blessed with magnificent beaches, serene backwaters, historic forts, and stunning temples that may be visited in a single weekend.Here’s a miny but amazing list of the best places to visit in Malvan to make the most of your short weekend trip. Here is a list of the top 10 places to see in Malvan that you cannot avoid on your Maharashtra trip.

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